LUNAcoins crypto coin is a coin that must be considered, because LUNACoin is exciting new opportunity, we offer a Hybrid PoS\PoW coin that is not pre-mined. LUNACoin is part of Large LUNA network. LUNA goal is to create services and products that will be offered in LUNACoin. LUNA will release high quality products and services to our clients worldwide, with a state of the art referral-reward system.

LUNACoin is a cryptocurrency that works both on PoS\PoW, that way users can make coins with both Proof-OF-Work and Proof-OF-Stake, The Coin has yearly interest of 20% which you will be able to obtain only by keeping coins in your wallet for long amount of time (minimum 30 days) but, LUNAcoin is 0% premined so the public finally get FAIR chance!

The absolute maximum amount of coins that can ever come out of POW is 50,000,000. In reality this number will be lower due to POS blocks. since LUNA have a POS coin with yearly interest, there is technically no maximum supply of coins. Interest will keep accruing forever, or else the network would not function.


LUNA network has been founded in order to create Services and products which will be provided by LUNACoins,

that way, we believe, coin users will be able to find value in LUNACoins.
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Paid To Click
  • Donations

– BitLuna – A Top level adversiting and affiliates platform for LUNACoin

Bitluna is one program of LUNAcoin, BitLuna is an adversiting platform built in order to create a top level service which will be provided with LUNACoins. With using LUNACoins in BitLuna, LUNACoins are turning into Traffic!what

is obtained by joining bitluna?

Members on Bitluna will be able to watch ads and receive free LUNACoins!
-Income without effort!
-Daily ads to click!
-Special rewards and promotions

Affiliates on Bitluna will be able to earn from Referring new Members and Advertisers
-LUNA Byte – 4% : 1% : 1% (3 levels deep)
-LUNA Kilobyte – 5% : 2% : 1% : 1% (4 levels deep)
-LUNA Megabyte – 6% : 3% : 1% : 1% : 1% (5 levels deep)
-LUNA Gigabyte – 8% : 3% : 2% : 1% : 1% : 1% (6 levels deep)
-LUNA Terebyte – 10% : 5% : 2% : 2% : 1% : 1% : 1% : 1% (8 levels deep)

Advertisers will be able to promote and increase sales on their website
-Professional management tools
-Demographic statistics and filters
-LUNA to Traffic Conversation

many programs that will be run by luna coin, so for more info on the website and join the official forum LUNAcoin.


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