STeX Exchange : Smart Token Exchange

What is STex Exchange?

STeX Exchange is the first totally publicly owned crypto-exchange, where one hundred percent of operating profits from commissions is proportionally distributed among all shareholders of STE tokens. STex Exchange have what other exchanges don’t have – a complex solution to solve liquidity problem and we know precisely how to implement this into reality.

Smart & sophisticated platform for everyone

STex Exchange give to you can choose who you want to be on the market :

  • User or Trader : Whether you want a simple coin-to-coin exchange or intraday trading – we will provide planet-wide best rates for thousands of crosses – and better liquidity than before because of sophisticated arbitrage algorithms and unique platform architecture.
  • Full Magnitude of Financial Services : Open your own asset management business in just one click – or choose one to invest in. Scan the market for successful traders and managers with your own criteria – or set your own rules to attract investors – in fully secured and scum-protected platform.
  • New Financial Universe : STex Exchange going to bring futures and options to the cryptocurrency trading. If you are far from financial markets – it is a more professional and effective way of trading securities than direct-trade, because of build-in leverage. With futures you can open a position in a coin – covering just a fraction of it as a deposit – and still keep 100% of profits.

STeX – STE Token Launched!

STex Exchange designed a token in such a way that it could fully support the whole life cycle of our DAO. STex Exchange have laid in the base of it the functionality to start and develop a successful investment platform for each of you. STex Exchange plan a monthly distribution of commissions from the company’s activities excluding expenses, so that you can receive your reward on Monday every month, which makes Mondays for you a bit more lovely. STex Exchange plan to be completely transparent and publish a detailed report quarterly on our progress, income and expenses.

STE token holder’s advantages : What You’ll Get

  • Protection : Transparent Phase 1 (Presale) terms with the minimum limit of 1000 ETH and maximum cap of 15 000 ETH to raise. The cap during presale phase is needed to make sure the presale investors are not diluted during the ICO phase. This provision is made in the STE token contract.
  • Limited opportunity : During the ICO the STE coin price will automatically double after every 5% portion of coins is sold after 20% base is reached. For example, if the start price of STE is 0.002 ETH, after 20% of all tokens is sold, the price will become 0.004 ETH, after another 5% (that is 25% of all tokens sold) it will be 0.008 and so on. You will be able to sell your tokens after the ICO ends. After ICO the founders receive a 30% stake in the company in the form of STE tokens. After the tokens are allocated to the founders, all tokens that are not sold are destroyed, it is calculated by the following formula: Tokens for Destruction = General Supply – Presale Sum – ICO Amount – Founder’s tokens. This is the provision of the token’s contract.
  • High demand : Limited token supply of 100 000 000 STE (plus 8 decimals) with no possibility of additional emission. You can rest assured no extra tokens will ever appear in the circulation. We deliberately excluded such a scenario. After ICO we will burn unsold tokens if 30% of tokens will be distributed. This provision is made in the DAO contract.
  • Early benefits : The presale is deemed successful and automatically stops before official closing time if the cap of 15 000 ETH is reached. This provision is made in the STE token contract.
  • Quik reward : Presale investors are generously rewarded for early contribution and will get 10% of the funds raised during the next ICO. For example, if we raise 2 500 ETH during presale and 250 000 ETH during ICO, 25 000 ETH will be distributed among the presale investors. That is 10 times more than you invested and 1000% return on investment. We are planning to begin ICO after 1-3 months after presale phase. This provision is made in the STE token contract.
  • Safety : If the minimum limit is not reached during Phase 1 (presale) all ether is returned to investors automatically. This provision is made in the STE token contract.

Timeline of STE token


Are you interested for this project? Join STE Token Presale and Participant in STex UP! Programs.

What is STeX Up! ?

  1. Buy STE Token : Buying STE tokens you automatically become a participant of the STeX Up! Partner program and get your referral link.
  2. You spread your partner link :
    You tell your friends about our preSale and ICO. Make a review on your blog or youtube chanel or a forum post.
  3. You earn a “small” fortune :
    You earn 10% from all bought tokens by people coming through your partner link. For example, you recommend an investor who buys $100, 000 of STE tokens. You immediately earn $10 000. Just inviting two or three such partners you will earn a brand new car. What happens if an investor buy one million? You earn a house!
To Join STeX Up! Partner program
Go to this page, fill in your ETH address and push on “Get payment address” button.
More info about STex Exchange :

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