SPARC – A distributed supercomputer

The next-generation supercomputer is Web-based protocol for computational resources. It is powered by individuals with idle computer power earning rewards and reducing costs. The demand for machine learning and other highly parallelizable problems is continuing to grow. Computation as a global utility is taking over. Anyone can connect any device with an internet browser to crunch numbers and earn tokens. SPARC tokens can then be exchanged for other resources.
The demand for computational power is growing. Currently, this demand is met by expensive supercomputers, or unreliable volunteer networks. The SPARC network will provide a secure protocol to reward users who provide computational power. Our network will offer incredible value for computer problem-solving. We are currently developing libraries for a wide range of math, physics and graphic applications. SPARC will fill the need for computational power with idle devices everywhere.
For details information about sparc, visit : Sparc whitepaper

SPARC : Science Power and Research Coins

Science Power and Research Coins are the token upon which our network runs. Projects who need power purchase SPARC from an exchange and attach them to their work. Miners compete each week for available tokens for each project. At the end of the week the tokens are divided among the miners relative to their work completed. These tokens can then be exchanged directly for computing power from the network or traded on an exchange.

You can sign-up today at or view the demo at

SPARC Protocol

SPARC is creating the protocol for sending and reciving JSON and Javascript based computational packages on a distributed network using web technology.

SPARC ECMAScript Libraries
  • SPARC Math : Advanced mathematical libraries made available to javascript. From complex arguments, to special functions we are bringing live-math to the web.
  • SPARC Physics : The web is currently lacking a comprehensive physics engine, We will enable physics based video games and stress simulations from the browser.
  • SPARC Shaders : GPU computing is ideal for a wide range of scenarios for floating point math and physics simulations. SPARC aims to provide an array of readily available shaders, for calculation and rendering.
Extensions Supporting Industry Standards
  • MatLab & Maple : Widely used by students and researchers all over the world, MatLab extensions will allow easy access for math students without network experience.
  • COMSOL : COMSOL is the industry leader in multiphysics modeling and simulation software. Users of this power-hungry software will benefit from our planned networking module.
  • Blender : We want to enable smaller users and projects to access time-saving power. Parsing blend files for use with WebGL, we aim to enable model pre-processing and live rendering for web applications.


In order to establish a market SPARC network needs a base amount of both miners and work. We will be launching our coin on top of the BOINC network to establish this base. The Alpha will begin this September 2017 and run until our proprietary network gains critical mass. This means when the SPARC application is launched during Q1 2018 we will be gradually marketing for miners and projects to move to our system which will be running in parallel to the Alpha.




The raising funds from presale is for the continued development and scaling of the network. In return for Ethereum, buyers will receive an initial supply of SPARC that can be traded on the exchange or held until release candidate for use on the network.

Start Date : July 27th 2017 11AM EST
Accepted Currencies : ETH
Maximum Cap : 1000 ETH
Exchange Rate : 1 ETH = 20000 SPARC
Bonus : 100% Over ICO
Round 2 Bonus : Additional 100%
Round 2 Bonus Cap : SPARC recieved in Round 1
Presale Contract Address :
Token Contract Address :


The crowdsale is designed to open the network up to the broader public. Once the Alpha release has started gaining traction we will be turning our attention towards the proprietary network. This network will allow SPARC to open up to commercialization and streamline delivery of content.

Start Date: October 1st 2017
End Date : 30 Days after start
Minimum Cap : 250,000,000 SPARC
Maximum Cap : 2,500,000,000 SPARC
Exchange Rate : 1 ETH = 10000 SPARC
Round 1 Participant Bonus : Additional 100% to max of Round 1 Participation
Bounty Tokens : 1% of Tokens Sold
Developer Equity : 5% of Tokens Sold
Crowdsale Contract Address : To Be Released (please always following news update from the official website or ANN thread)
Token Contract Address :



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SPARC Hiring!
SPARC are always looking for talented developers. If you think SPARC is right for you send your pitch to

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