MOBILEGO Crowdfund – Decentralized Solutions on Gamecredits Mobile Store

MOBILEGO Crowdfund - Decentralized Solutions on Gamecredits Mobile Store

After two years of development with gaming industry leaders, Datcroft LTD., Gamecredits is near completion of development of the first crypto mobile gaming store. This mobile gaming store has a proprietary payment gateway that allows gamers to use Gamecredits to buy in-game content. Gamecredits can be acquired with credit cards and other local payment methods within this gateway. Over 300 games from 150 developers are already signed on and the Gamecredits Mobile Store is scheduled to release in early Q2 of 2017.
The MobileGo crowdsale and MobileGo token issuance will help fund marketing and branding of the Gamecredits’ Mobile Store and the development of smart contract technology within the platform using the Ethereum blockchain and the Waves Blockchain.
MobileGo tokens will be used to gamify the mobile platform, and to incentivize gamers for loyalty and participation through rewards. MobileGo tokens will also allow for smart contract technology. MobileGo tokens will allow for the development of a decentralized virtual mobile gamer marketplace, the ability for gamer vs. gamer decentralized match play, and decentralized tournaments run on smart contracts.


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Gamecredits Mobile Platform to host mobile games around the world. Hundreds of developers and games signed on to launch. Development in beta. Launch early Q2 2017.
Payment solution that accepts credit card and local payment solutions to purchase Gamecredits for in-game content purchases. Development in beta. Launch late Q1 or early Q2 2017.
Gamification of mobile platform using MobileGo tokens allowing players to earn profile status for purchase discounts, tournament entries and future game beta testing.
Centralized sponsored tournaments for featured games. Q2 2017.
Decentralized virtual marketplace for mobile in game content built on Ethereum using MobileGo tokens. Development roadmap Q4 2017.
Decentralized player to player matches built on Ethereum using MobileGo tokens. Roadmap Q4 2017-Q1 2018.
Decentralized tournaments built on Ethereum using MobileGo tokens. Roadmap Q4 2017-Q1 2018.

Development team

MobileGo has hundreds of people working on its team in preparation for the launch. Leaders on the development side are listed here.

Sergey Sholom, PhD. As a teenager, Sergey was a championship level gamer and created the first large gamer group tournaments in Russia for Quake. After receiving a PhD in mathematical modeling Sergey founded Datcroft Games Ltd. in 2004. Over the last 13 years, Datcroft has developed multiple worldwide popular games with registered users exceeding 13 million gamers. Sergey continues to oversee a company of over 100 employees that continues to bring new cutting edge games to market. Datcroftís latest game Pixel Wars, to be released in May, has already received critical acclaim. Sergey has been a proponent of using blockchain technology to solve many problems in the gaming industry. He has traveled the world giving lectures and talks about the need for payment processing solutions and gameplay environments that give game developers more profits and gamers more options and experiences by using the blockchain.

Maxim Sholom, PhD. Maxim brings more than 12 years in gaming industry. Maxim has been the award winning producer of games like Get The Gun. Maximís game development projects have brought him respect worldwide in the gaming industry. For the last two years Maxim has been overseeing the development and design teams behind the Gamecredits Mobile Store. As chief architect of the mobile platform, Maxim has overseen the functional integration and intuitive design of the system.

Vesselin Peev. Vesselin is the lead platform developer for the Gamecredits Mobile. Vesselin brings 15 years of engineering experience. His clients have included major telecoms companies and enterprise-level solutions for recruiting companies Recrutix and built upon big data technology. Vesselinís security certificates include CanCERT, EWA Government systems, IIT and ISSEA.

Nikola Djokic, CTO. Nikola has 12+ years of experience in operations and engineering. Nikola worked at IGT, one of the world’s leading companies in the area of gambling-related development, where he was a technical and team lead and architect and development operations lead. Nikola has a masters degree in engineering with a thesis in payment processing engineering.

Rob Wilson Advisor Rob is the founder of Bitscan and Incent and is the the brainchild for dual blockchain tech. Rob also has extensive experience running successful ICOs. Robís formative career was in the military, where he enjoyed 2 front-line commands and lectured strategy at USNWC. Today, though his companies, Rob has developed a portfolio of high level business relationships in which he is advising on customized solutions using blockchain technology including the use of WAVES assets.

Bok Khoo Ethereum Dev BEc, AIAA, Director and Consultant is an Actuary and quantitative software developer with over 28 years of industry experience. Bok has been working with clients from bank and corporate treasuries, investment managers, government entities, exchanges and financial soft vendors in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the UK and Europe. Bok, also known as the BokkyPooBah on, and, is now working to bring decentralised trustless exchanges ( and traditional fiat financial instruments to the Ethereum trusted and decentralised blockchain platform.


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