Matchpool: platform that creates human connections

If you are looking for a place to interact in a virtual world, you have to try matchpool. what is matchpool?

Matchpool is a decentralized dating and matchmaking protocol, which uses group dynamics in order to help as many participants as possible to find love. It can also be used as a more generic platform for any kind of paid membership community, which can clearly define two sides of a desired interaction or market.
Users matchpool be divided into several groups, within each group, there are administrators who organize. Users must provide data about themselves, this data is encrypted and will be used as your user profile and to offer users with the desired group.
Matchpool App
matchpool will present an application, Matchpool app will implement a front-end interface, which will allow users to search for favorable pools in different areas, matched with different interests. Users can search various factors to see if something fits. In the on-boarding process, they will also be shown a list of pools in their area, which fits their particular demographics and interests. Matchpool using our Matchlock feature, which keeps a 50:50 ratio between X and Y, every Pool in the platform remains attractive. If a certain number of X users enters the pool, then the matchlock will stop more X from entering until the same number of Y’s arrive. These Matchlock rules can also be parameterized to any use case where any arbitrary market polarity is required. Also there is no restriction for the X and Y side of the matchlock to be opposites in order to serve any community whatsoever. It is up to the Pool’s founder to configure the matchlock parameters according to the kind of community they wish to create.
Matchpool Tokens (GUP Tokens)
matchpool has two categories of users (Joiners & Hosts). Host role as admin in the chat room and set the user who joins in the room. to join into the room, joiners must pay a registration fee or charge into the room. joiners only need to pay once to get into the room that had been created by admin rooms, a monthly membership fee will be paid to the Pool. All payments will be held in an Ether based smart contract and will be processed using Matchpool’s own network token Guppies (GUP). While in the Pool, nature will take its course and all members would be Able to berinteraksi publicly on private channels in a way resembling Slack’s interface.
On the other side, users can also play the role of Hosts and Matchmakers.
The host will be the one who opens a custom Pool and gets dividends from its revenues.
Matchmakers or Helpers as they are defined in the system can propose matches between two other joiners who they believe would be good partners. Those two joiners are then notified and in case they both accept, the event is added to their public notebook, and the Matchmaker get rewarded.
Both the Host of the pool and its matchmakers are entitled for shares of the Pools subscription and monthly fees, paid with GUP.
Matchpool first 200,000 Users will get rewarded with GUPs upon registration enabling them to make their first steps in the platform.
Matchpool Rewards (Dapplets)
Matchpool give rewards in the form of gifts to users, as described in the official thread matchpool in bitcointalk.
Dapplets are another way Matchpool users can get rewarded. These are basically add-ons created by developers who want add to the Matchpool protocol. In practice, Dapplets work similar to Slack plugins but can enhance the experience in a number of ways. One example would be a Dapplet, which implements “Tinder” functionality: users can swipe through other users. If one of their apps creates a match of some kind for example: if a “Blind Date” game creates a real match, then the Dapplet developers are rewarded similarly to Matchmakers.

Matchpool Roadmap

To find out more about matchpool roadmap, please visit the official thread at matchpool bitcointalk and visit the website to find out more about matchpool, also follow the official account facebook and twitter matchpool.

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