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Decentralized live stream bets and interactions


Gimli is a revolutionary way of experiencing live eSport streaming. Engage in bets, challenges and surveys with your streamers using digital tokens. Gimli is an eSports application made by eSport fans for eSports fans. Streamers benefit from Gimli’s enhanced engagement for their streams and their audience. Gimli reaches millions of viewers all over the world.


Gimli is a decentralized platform for eSport streamers and viewers. Streamers can turn viewers into engaged supporters by organizing bets, votes, asking for donations, and creating prize pools for tournaments using the ERC20 Ethereum token GIM. Interact with betting and voting smart contracts here.
Gimli is provably fair, all functionalities are Ethereum smart contracts tailor made for streamers and stream viewers.
Gimli empowers streamers by enabling them to connect directly with their audience, increase and control novel revenue opportunities.

Why is Gimli relevant?

Streamers have massive audience in the hundreds of millions globally. Yet, streamers monetization of their viewers is low.

  • Ads-blockers are widespread, limiting advertising revenue.
  • Subscription fees are low compared with traditional sports, with streaming platforms taking a considerable share.
  • Sponsorships are few in a developing industry.
  • Viewership drops dramatically after each game ends, with volatile audience going to other channels with ongoing entertainment.

Gimli fits in alongside current monetization methods. With Gimli, streamers can create entertainments and functionalities with GIM embedded commissions. From the substantial source of direct GIM revenues, to better engagement, higher number of minutes watched and increased donations, Gimli’s promise is to give control back to streamers.


February 2017 – The birth of “The Gimli Project”
April 2017 – First mockups and product designs
June 2017 – Betting and voting smart contracts deployed on a testnet.
September 1 to 15th, 2017 – Token pre-sale
September 18 to October 20th, 2017 – Initial Coin Offering
ICO + 6 Month

  • Betting Smart Contract V1
  • Beta UI widget available for streamers and viewers
  • Integration of exchange widget to make GIM easily available
  • Licences acquired in first countries
  • Partnership reached with one prominent eSports actor
  • Public beta available

ICO + 12 Month –

  • Basic state channels integration
  • Automated streamer onboarding and validation
  • Chrome plugin
  • Web app
  • Custom bet goals

Long Term

  • Oracle based bet resolution
  • Tournament prize pooling
  • Gimli odds market making and exchange
  • Gimli partners program

Details :

The GIM Token

GIM tokens are required to run all functionalities including donations, votes, bets and custom contracts. Each functionality is a run by a trustless Ethereum smart contracts tailor-made for streamers.
No token creation will happen after the initial sale ends. The total supply of GIM is fixed at 150 million tokens.
Tokens are ERC20 compliant and will be transferable and listed on exchanges once the initial sale is completed.
Gimli have reached deals with the following exchanges: HitBTC, Gatecoin, Etherdelta, and working on more!
Crowdsale details

Crowdsale Start : September 18th, 2017, 12PM GMT
Crowdsale end : Token Cap Reached or October 20th, 2017, 12PM GMT
Token Symbol : GIM
Token Full Name : Gimli Token
Smart Contract Address: 0xaE4f56F072c34C0a65B3ae3E4DB797D831439D93 (thegimliproject.eth)
Smart Contract Source : Source on Github
Token Supply : 150 Million GIM, 80 Million available for the token sale.
Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 700 GIM
Unsold Tokens: 50% of token sale excess tokens will be locked for a period of two years & 50% of token sale excess tokens will be burned
Accepted Currencies : ETH

Tutorial > How to Participate in the Gimli ICO

Gimli Token Distribution

Duration : The token launch will last for 33 days or until all tokens have been allocated.
Use of Proceeds : The proceeds will be used to develop the Gimli application and functionalities, pay for team and partners, promote the use of the Gimli platform, sponsor tournaments, professional gaming teams and streamers to ensure Gimli’s viral adoption and ensure legal compliance.
How It Works :

  • Token sale participants send funds to the Ethereum Smart Contract [thegimliproject.eth : 0xaE4f56F072c34C0a65B3ae3E4DB797D831439D93].
  • The Smart Contract mints GIM tokens instantly and sends them when the sale ends.
  • Token sale participants will be able to see their GIM tokens in their compatible wallets once the sale has ended.

Token utility : Token holders will be able to participate in Gimli bets, donate to streamers and engage in many more exciting functionalities to come (tournament prize pooling, digital collectibles sales). Gimli tokens will be listed on exchanges soon after the end of the sale.

Partners and adoption

Existing streaming partners with more than one million twitter followers. Streamers set up functionalities and GIM they want to receive when their audience use Gimli on their stream. Thanks to those partnerships and active backing by renowned streamers, Gimli will be promoted to millions of viewers and prospective users worldwide, with the goal of viral and exponential adoption.

  • Pro gamers: Luffy – street fighter IV world champion , Stefano – Starcraft 2 foreigner world champion
  • Streamers: Thud – CEO ASUS ROG school, Skyyart, Aypierre, Sean Gares, and many more
  • Partnership with Mockit!
  • Blockchain experts: Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsilium, Dr Moe Levin, CEO of Keynote, Mike Costache, from the Blockchain Investors Consortium, and more!
  • Technology: Ouziel Slama, former lead developer of Counterparty, Joseph Fiscella who co-founded the Alexandria project, and our CEO Julien, who did the Consensys program
  • Legal: Joseph Borg, Senior Advisor to WH Partners, practicing mainly in the areas of Gaming, Blockchain, Esports, and more, and lectures Gaming Law at the University of Malta.
  • Business: cool and experienced team (some Columbia, Harvard, Polytechnique), and real eSports fans Created by industry insiders and world top professional gamers, Gimli is developing a strong public image in the streamers and gamers community.
For more info about Gimli project

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