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E-book (or electronic book) is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices.

So, what is EthBooks?

EthBooks is an e-book store focused on cryptocurrency topics. Publishers are able to upload their work for free in appropriate sections of the store. The EthBooks store will be a one-stop shop for people looking for sufficient, detailed and quality information on various cryptocurrencies.

EthBooks Platform

The EthBooks platform is using blockchain technology and a personalized token (EBK) based on Ethereum’s smart contract eco-system for transactions on EthBooks.

The store will be web based as well as app based. The app will soon be freely available on Play Store, Apple Store and Windows Store. EthSquad will also be incorporated, a system built by the EthBooks team to help in protecting published crypto e-books against piracy.

All submitted ebooks are quickly scanned by EthSquad before going live on EthBooks to ensure they are authentic. The system then stamps the material with a unique digital watermark.

The e-books will focus on diverse topics like:

  • Learn About Blockchain
  • How To Buy & Trade Ethereum
  • How To Create Your First Cryptocurrency
  • Should You Invest In Bitcoin Today?
  • Is The Altcoins Bubble Bursting?
  • How To Control Trading Emotions
  • Best Crypto Trading Strategies
  • Secrets Of Successful Altcoin Investors
  • Taxes: How To Report Your Bitcoin Income

*Above are just examples of the types of topics that e-books published on EthBooks will contain.


The price of e-books on EthBooks is decided by the publisher. Publishers will be entitled to an 85% royalty on each successful sale.This will be credited to the publisher’s account. There are no hidden fees.

EthBook’s robust system will automatically credit the publishers account with EBK tokens immediately a sale goes through. Withdrawals are instant. Also EthBooks will make 15% on each ebook sale. This will help in the expansion of EthBooks, marketing and staff remuneration.



EthReader is EthBook’s e-reading product that is currently being designed by EthBooks’ engineers and It is focused on making the reading experience much better for book fanatics around the globe.


  • February 2017 – Concept & Market Research
  • May 2017 – Whitepaper
  • June 2017 – Start Of Platform Development
  • August 2017 – Crowdsale Announcement
  • September 2017 – Crowdsale Launch
  • October 2017 – Exchange Listing
  • December 2017 – Beta Public Release
  • Q1 2018 – Platform Launch To The Public
  • Q2 2018 – Introduction Of EthReader


Maximum supply : 100.000.000 EBK tokens
85% for Token sale
10% Reserved
5% for Advisors, Supporter, Bounties


softcap : 1500 ETH
Hardcap : 42.500 ETH
ICO start : 18th September 2017
ICO End : 20th October 2017 (or when hardcap reached)
Exchange rate : 2000 EBK per 1 ETH

Discounts for early investors:
Day #1: 20% bonus (2400 EBK/ETH)
Day #2-7: 10% bonus (2200 EBK/ETH)
Day #8-14: 5% bonus (2100 EBK/ETH)
Day #15-31: no bonus (2000 EBK/ETH)

*Any remaining/unsold tokens will be burned after the ICO is over.

ICO website please visit :











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