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We strive to create a platform, which unites the world of traditional finance and the cryptocurrency market. Our main goal is to create an easy-to-use, fast, legal, and secure access to the cryptocurrency market for every person with access to the Internet and credit card.Exscudo
is a Financial Ecosystem that consists of 6 products working together. Each of them was developed in order to bring cryptocurrency closer to users, miners, traders and investors. It is powerful, fast and secure.
1. Exchange. The digital finance marketplace for beginners and professional traders, financial institutions and institutional investors. The trading system is the engine of liquidity. One of its advantages is the list of transactions in one order list. Another strong feature is the option of  trading on margin and simple exchange. Multi Layered architecture, just like with classical trading exchanges for financial and equity markets, which allows a high level of security, flexibility of the systems, as well as opportunities for scaling.
2. Charts. All data for trades on the cryptocurrency market is located in one place and updates in real time in one place and takes place in real time. For a bird’s eye view of all transactions for traders, our listing server provides and accumulates trading data not just from the Exscudo exchange, but provides listing from other cryptocurrency exchanges.

3. Trading terminals. Trading terminals with a wide range of tools for professionals that are designed just as usable as on traditional exchanges.The Cross-platform trading terminal supports the following platforms:

  • Web
  • Mobile (iOS, Android)
  • Desktop (Linux, MacOS, Windows)

The terminal delivers with full support of exchange functions, with a wide range of analytical possibilities, with support of different types of orders, online-listings, interactive graphics and technical indicators, trading signals and copies of transaction. The powerful trading system allows traders to realize complicated strategies.


4. Wallet and Protected messenger. This is one single application that unites the functions of a wallet and of a protected messenger. It allows for easy access to personal data in the system, as well as financial services of Exscudo.


5. Cards. Debit Cards, which are connected to the user accounts and have, with the option to exchange currencies in real time. The card is accepted all over the world for online purchases and in brick-and-mortar stores with minimum commissions.


6. Merchant. This is a solution for business entities that are willing to accept cryptocurrencies: the money is converted instantly and automatically instantly and enables the company to operate legally. The fastest, safest and least costly in terms of comission method of payment for clients.

Powered by Eon
Exscudo Ecosystem is powered by a blockchain coin called Eon. Eon is a DePOS coin, being both a coin and the fuel for all the Exscudo transactions at the same time.
The first product to launch is the Exscudo Channels — a chatwallet app that combines the functionality of a protected messenger and of a multicurrency wallet.

The project plans an ICO in the coming spring. The terms and conditions will be published on the official Exscudo pages. Customers that are potentially interested in investing are kindly invited to sign up on the Exscudo website to receive further information by email.
There will also be a generous Bounty campaign, including translations and signatures. Please follow this topic for further information. It will be published in the coming weeks.
More about the project, Download


We are currently looking for a native Chinese speaking and writing Community Leader. Please get in touch with us immediately and tell us what steps you would take to promote Exscudo within the Chinese crypto-community.
We are currently looking for a native English and Hindu speaking and writing Community Leader. Please get in touch with us immediately and let us know what steps you would take to promote Exscudo within the Indian crypto-community.


  • Developed proprietary blockchain-platform
  • Developed basic market core
  • Developed listings server and basis for the trading exchange functions
  • Developed functional multi currency wallet on the basis of the proprietary blockchain-platform


  • Renewed core of the exchange, expanded functions
  • Completion of the development of the blockchain-platform with the support of user groups and multiple subscriptions
  • Development of functional decentralized secure messenger
  • Expansion functions of the exchange functions and the development of the listing server


  • Expansion of exchange functions
  • Expansion of the listings function of the exchange
  • Expansion of trading functions of the exchange
  • Redesign architecture of the EON blockchain technology, expansion of the blockchain functions


  • Launch of the chatwallet app (decentralized secure messenger and multi currency wallet) (Q2 2017)
  • Open beta testing of the exchange (Q2 2017)
  • Launch of exchange services (listings server, web-services of multi currency wallet) (Q2/Q3 2017)
  • Launch of trading on the exchange (Q2/Q3 2017)
  • Launch of the mobile phone trading terminal for Android (Q2/Q3 2017)
  • Launch of the mobile phone trading terminal for iOS (Q2/Q3 2017)
  • Launch of accounts with the integration of fiat currencies and launch of branded cards (Q2 2017)


  • Launch of full trading terminal with expanded functions (Android, iOS, Desktop) (Q1/Q2 2018)
  • Launch of merchant-platform  (Q1/Q2 2018)

Team and Advisors
Andrew Zimine. CEO, Founder
Alex Sitnikov. CTO, Founder
Alex Rebyakov. Lead Core Developer
Julian Kossinov, M.Sc. European and North American markets Advisor
Christian Kossinov, M.Sc. Financial Strategy Advisor, European and Asian markets Advisor

You can meet other team members and learn more details on website.

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