COINDASH – Operating System For Crypto Assets

CoinDash is an operating system for crypto assets. Our goal is to make interacting, handling and trading crypto assets accessible, through a unified platform and UX, for mainstream users.

One of the biggest use-case for blockchain technology is the creation of new crypto assets, which in turn creates a big market for investments and speculation. This presents an incredible new opportunity for investors over traditional markets because crypto assets are traded 24/7, decentralized and democratized.

Blockchain technology presents a challenge and a steep learning curve for experienced crypto investors, even more so, to newcomers. Current crypto investment tools do not offer an effective portfolio management and investment discovery tools, creating a real barrier of entry.

CoinDash is an operating system for crypto assets. Our goal is to make interacting, handling and trading crypto assets accessible, through a unified platform and UX, for mainstream users. CoinDash is the intersection between investor tools (like portfolio management), social network (where you can follow and copy-trade top investors) and a marketplace (for discovery and investment in new opportunities).

One of the biggest use cases for blockchain technology is the ability to create new crypto assets. Such assets are increasingly becoming an alternative investment channel to traditional markets because they enable new models of participation, are tradable 24/7, subject to much less regulation and are easy to create.
The past few years showed a dramatic increase in trading volume, market capitalization and the number of projects using crypto tokens.
Blockchain technology presents a real challenge and requires a steep learning curve from experienced blockchain users, let alone from newcomers. Interact, manage and invest crypto assets create barriers due to the lack in proper tools.


like portfolio management, are an essential part to manage and interact with crypto assets. They give a deep insight into the performance and status of the user’s investments and help in data driven decision making.

Social Trading
Social interactions are a key part of the crypto world, projects can raise and fall by their community and the network they create. CoinDash’s social trading features remove barriers for new and existing crypto users by letting them follow and copy-trade top investors.

CoinDash’s marketplace is built around opportunity discovery and streamlined trading UX with features like: real-time social trading signals, ICO dashboard, trending assets, real-time market price tables and 3rd party integration.

* Copy-trade and get trading signals from top investors
* Discover and invest in crypto funds and indexes
* Advanced portfolio management
* Advanced ICO investment tools

Every feature in the CoinDash platform that gives any financial value to its user will require them to pay a fee. Every user who facilitates the use of a feature which in turn gives financial value will be entitled to a payment. This creates a creator-consumer relationship between users in the system; users can be creators and consumers at the same time.

CoinDash will launch a token which will be used to pay all fees on the platform. This creates a direct correlation between the success of the platform and the value of the token. The more people who use the platform, the more fees will be paid, the more tokens will be bought–ultimately pushing the price of the token up.


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