BABB – Bank account based blockchain

What is BABB?

BABB is decentralized banking platform that leverages blockchain, AI, and biometric technologies to offer anyone in the world access to UK bank account for P2P financial services.

BAX Token

BAX is an Utility token that powers the BABB platform. All services, fees and licensing costs on the BABB Platform are paid with BAX, and our Mobile app makes it easy to acquire BAX at any time without taking additional steps or affecting the user experience.

  • BLOCKCHAIN – Blockchain technology provides BABB’s core services – recording transactions, storing identity data and creating a secure channel for data sharing across the network.
  • AI – Artificial intellegence play a key role in dynamic KYC, which mitigates risk in P2P transactions and helps BABB users decide who to interact with.
  • DIGITAL ID – Biometrics technology solves the issue of identity for people without official government-issued ID by making it possible to open a bank account by taking a selfie and saying a passphrase.
  • PLATFORM – All BABB user are connected via a global network that allow them to leverage their social connectivity in new ways to trade, make payment and partcipate in fundraising.
  • BABB APP – Users access their account through a smartphone app, designed to combine the utility of a banking app with the UI of a social media app.
  • BLACKCARD – The Black Card bridges the divide between the digital world and the physical world. It is a secure payment card that links directly with your BABB bank account via a secure QR code or NFC tag. It allows both a debit-like functionality, and can also be issued as a pre-paid card for your friends and family.
    How its work?
    Retailers can accept payment using the BABB card by simply downloading the BABB app and scanning the QR code or via NFC. Payment is made instantly into the retailer’s bank account and the funds can be used immediately.
Benefits for consumers and bussinesses

– Access to UK bank account with bulit-in connectivity to the global economy.
– No barriers to register in terms of ID or minimum commitments.
– Access to P2P financial services at low cost.

Benefits for token buyers

– Utility on the BABB platform – pay fees, make purchases, and fundraise across borders.
– Value based on increasing demand in line with expansion of the network user base.

  • December 2017 pre-sale
  • January 2018 Token sale
  • June 2018 Blackcard prototype and BABB App MVP
  • September 2018 pilot scheme in MENA region
  • September 2018 beta APP launch


Token distribution

60% Public Sale
18% Foundation
20% Team
2% Bounty Campaign

Use of Funds

30% Development
20% Operations
20% Marketing
10% Legal
10% Reserve
10% Working Capital




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