XDRAC : Drac, a safe coin for a daily use

what is DRAC?

DRAC is a new algorithm designed to stabilize the volatility in cryptocurrencies and created for a daily and worldwide use


Drac aims to break the boundaries of convention. A digital token perfectly designed to seek stability and correct the volatility that drives the general public away.

Continuous cyber-attacks on large cryptocurrency storing and trading platforms, have become an increasing threat to the economic system. Consequently this has exposed a critical vulnerability, presenting a problem that has yet to be concluded with a viable solution.

Imagine a platform that’s characterised with the unique capability of complete prevention against all attempts of breach; in addition, offering a currency that cannot be subtracted.

Drac strives to break the boundaries of convention, aiming to revolutionise the general perception of digital currencies. What it offers, is a digital token that’s perfectly designed to seek stability, consequently correcting doubts of volatility that typically stimulate speculation within the general population.

Instant money transfer at a national and international level. No need of POS and transactions commissions free (possibility to receive micropayments).


DRAC is based in Barcelona, a city included in the top 5 of Innovation hubs in Europe. The idea initially arouse in 2014 at the Economics Faculty of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). The project first put in motion was in 2015 thanks to the collaboration of different universities students (UAB, UPC, UPF). In 2016 a Beta phase was launched and an open market survey was performed for users to test the platform.



If 600k shares will become 100% of the total share, then what will be the 94% sold to exchanges?
This procedure will be only at the begining, once 94% is sold and profits distributed among the first holders, the 600k coins will become again 6% of the total, because new buyers/holders will enter to the market through the exchanges.What will be the incentive to buy the 94%?

It will give you the same rights as the other 6% had at the begining, future dividends from the company profits and voting.

How are you going to pay the dividends?

Dividends will be sent as ethereums.

How are you going to generate the profits?

Once we get the profits from this 94%, and distribute them, we have a business model that you can read in our whitepaper. (At the end)

Dracshares etherscan.io

Drac is based on ETH, so eth wallet works for it. You can download eth app or use myetherwallet.com

1) Add custom token
2) address: 0x5FcDe054a0f06438B1cb23A5480A96236A590e64
symbol = XDRAC
decimals = 6


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