PIECOIN – Persistent Information Exchange

A slice of PIE for everyone
PieCoin is virtual currency that exists on a peer-to-peer network of computers. Using the PieCoin network it is possible for anyone in the World to instantly send and receive virtual currency.

Cryptocurrency Made Easy… as PIE !
Cryptocurrency has changed the way people do business on the Internet. Cryptocurrency is changing money but there are still challenges ahead.
Cryptocurrency is difficult to use so adoption is slow. Cyptocurrency is in a state of difficulty in understanding for average consumers.
The turning point is on the horizon…

PieCoin is the cryptocurrency made for simplicity. PieCoin will take cryptocurrency to a place where getting and sending your cryptocurrency is as easy as receiving an email or posting to social media. PieCoin is the catalyst that takes cryptocurrency over the cusp and into the hands of the masses.

Friendly – Our friendly methods will make you smile.
Flexible – PIE can be used in many different ways.
Fun – No more stuffy currency for uptight people. Enjoy yourself a little.
Simple – Our simple software makes using your PIE a breeze.
Safe – Everything with PIE uses the best technology.
Social – Sending payments should be as easy as sending a message.


Businesses accept currencies that are used by people and the most popular payment systems in the World are simple for anyone to understand. PieCoin makes buying and selling using cryptocurrency as easy as possible so more people will appreciate it’s value.
Using pie easy apps and social sending methods you can start using PieCoin right away. PieCoin is the easiest way for you to conduct business.
Everyone can get a slice of PIE Simple. Rewarding. Friendly. Fun!


PieCoin can be any flavor and used in all sorts of ways. From the shell to the core, PieCoin is goodness.

Simplistic Use
PieCoin is about making virtual currency available to the masses by making it tasty and familiar to use.

Fun Applications
Just like any other digital platform, a virtual currency platform should also have it’s share of joy.

We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to get involved so everyone gets a slice.


You can send PIE to anyone you know using popular social media channels.

What is Social Sending?

PieCoin is virtual currency that was made for anyone in the World to instantly send and receive virtual currency. People shouldn’t need complicated software or advanced knowledge of cryptocurrency to get paid or send payment.
PieCoin Social Sending makes it possible for people to send payment directly to another person through social media.

PieCoin is designed to be the easiest cryptocurrency to use by anyone. Just because you want to use cryptocurrency shouldn’t mean you need to learn complicated software or addresses. Using PieCoin Social Sending you can send payment to anyone using their user name or messaging system on social media. It has never been easier to send and receive payemtns thatn with PieCoin… Easy as PIE!

Pay PIE @someone with Twitter
Send friends PIE on Facebook
Give a slice of PIE on Reddit
Share some PIE over chat
Earn some PIE with your blog
Gift some PIE over email
and more!

Coin Name: PieCoin
Ticker Symbol: PIE
Type: POS
Initial Supply: 400M PIE
Burned: ~357M PIE
POS Yield: 20%


Block Explorer

PIE on coinmarketcap


Windows QT Wallet

Mac QT Wallet


PIE Technology Information Website:

PIE Coin Technology Repo:

note :

pre – sale piecoin already done on C-cex exchange, Pre-sale ended 2017-02-19 18:00 (GMT 0)

from 400M piecoin, 357265702.71428585 Unsold PIE burned to address PBCCEX1Burning1Service11111Xa57x15

confirmation from C-cex exchange visit : https://twitter.com/CryptoCurrEncyX/status/836038901324185601

Meet and discuss with Piecoin community : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1647617.0

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