MiloCoin – Milo Yionnopolous Coin


Phase 1

1. Official MiloCoin Launch. ​
Sometime between 12 and 72 hours from the time of this post, Milocoin will activate the download link for the wallets as well as reveal any needed mining information. The first person to successfully install the wallet and take a screenshot of the wallet open on their computer and post it to any social media platform will receive a bounty of 5,000 MiloCoins.,

2. Bounty Distributions & Team Building
We will only be giving out bounties that help the overall exposure of the project. As much as we appreciate requests for non-english translations, we are going to focus more on bounties that reach a wide targeted demographic. There are millions of free speech supporters, non-cucked LBGT members, Milo fans, Daddy fans and mature investors that will want to get MiloCoins, it’s up to us to expose them to it! The majority of our bounties will be social media related, however there will be other ways to earn a bounty!

Milocoin hiring!
​MiloCoin will be opening up some select positions on our team. If you’d like to get involved, you can toss your hat in the ring after we posts the official position list next week. There will be weekly compensation in MiloCoins, however we prefer people who are passionate about the project first and foremost and not in it for the spicy MiloCoins.

Phase 2

3. Proof Of Work Phase
For roughly 10 weeks (69 days and 100,000 blocks) MiloCoins will be mineable​

4. Get Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes to official accept their fund:
Due to how amazing this project is and how quick we reckon Milo/Gavin will accept, we don’t estimate this endeavour to last long, but nevertheless it is a very important portion of our roadmap. During this phase there will be a concerted effort to get Milo and Gavin to acknowledge and accept their respected MiloCoin funds that have been set aside for them from the premine. In addition, there will be a large bounty given to whoever sends the tweet or instagram message that directly leads to Milo/Gavin accepting their fund. We will need verification from Milo/Gavin’s official accounts stating they are ready to take delivery on their MiloCoin address, as well as a link with your timestamped tweet/message that lead to their acceptance. An official tweet/post from Milo/Gavin endorsing (or hell, even denouncing MiloCoin) will help us reach moon status way ahead of schedule.

Phase 3

5. Dominate the podcasts and get featured by one of /our guys/
A few of the mainstream podcasts we know and love have expressed interest in doing a feature on a Milo related, freedom of speech, anti-feminism cryptocurrency. However, all of them want to wait and see how the MiloCoin launch goes, if we show the project shows signs of longevity we can expect some features. These hosts will not be compensated for their involvement, however we’d love to post their address publically during the podcast and have the community show them the power of cryptocurrency.

6. MiloCoin Accepted here
Getting MiloCoin accepted by not only Milo himself, but also by similar minded businesses will be a major priority for the MiloCoin team. Many of the opening on our team, will be marketing related, with the expectation of securing businesses to accept MiloCoin.

Phase 4

​7. Twitter Protocol

Our head developer is nearly finished with a decentralized “master and slave” social media posting feature that will be built into the protocol with a version update in Q4 2017. This will prevent Milo (or anyone else in theory) from ever truly being banned from any social media platform, our first rollout focuses on the ban-happy social media website involving a bird. We are keeping the details close to our chest, but it involves building upon the early bitcoin feature of being able to broadcast a message out the the entire network (similar to the emergency broadcast network), the master (Milo) will be able to send out a message to participating slave (nodes who turn the feature on in their wallet), this will then use the nodes social media account (setup beforehand) to instantly and simultaneously broadcast Milo’s message on hundreds/thousands/tens of thousands accounts. It will be as if this platform will suddenly be bombed with the same message. This is more powerful than any single account, and if an account gets banned, 5 more will spring up. In return, nodes will receive a tiny amount of extra stake weight. Note: participation in this feature will be 100% voluntary. Alpha testing is underway now, and Beta testing signups will be open to any MiloCoin holder with at least 1000 coins. If there is heavy interest in the beta, a lottery system will be utilized.

8. Stretch Goals:
IOS and Android wallets and physical MiloCoins are just a few of the many accessories that are in progress behind the scenes. However, at present these things are a luxury and will be focused on once mining is safely underway.


Name: MiloCoin
Short Name: [MILO]
Algorithm: Scrypt
Type: POW/POS Hybrid
Last POW Block: 100,000
Block Reward: 300
POS Interest: 69%
Stake Min Age: 4 Hours
Stake Max Age: 10 Days
Block Generation Time: 60 Seconds
Difficulty Re-adjustment: After every block
Transfer Confirmations: 8 blocks
Min TX Fee: .2 MILOs
Coinbase Maturity: 35 Blocks
Coins After POW: 30,015,000
Max_Money: 2,000,000,000
Premine In Relation to Max_Money: .001%
Premine Amount: .001% For Bounties and Funds


Block explorer :

Windows wallet :!oR5FFDAS!KI6NWPPO_NwIRhAYwTA87kOb9B6EYkAsftPe3M_-Kwo
Linux wallet :!ocoilC5B!3GFwL5L3ZTCsQ__pyRYJiP9bSqaA0vjs5vAppkOVTDE
source code :

Be sure to ADDNODE:



Website :

Twitter :

Instagram :

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