XDRAC : Bounty Info


A total of 10.000.000 dracshares have been created:

94% will be available for users to purchase
6% will be kept by the team

Join us now on SLACK and share your opinion, we will give 5 Dracshares to the first 100 to do it. These dracshares will be taken from our own 6%. No ICO in this project, 94% of the coins will be offered directly to the Exchanges. Profits from negotiations with the Exchanges, will be distributed among the dracshares holders in dividends (please read the WP 2.2.2 for more information).


94% to exchanges
6% team + users

Profits from this 94% will be distributed like this:

6% will represent now the 100% = 600.000 XDRAC (as all the dracshares holders will have tokens from this 6%), so:

If you have 1 dracshare, it will be 0.00016% of the profits from the 94% sold. Once 94% of the initial supply is sold to the Exchanges, profits out of the collected BTC will be distributed as dividends to holders of these 600k coins.

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