STEX Smart Token Exchange Bounty Program STeX Award!

Join now in STex Exchange Bounty Programs!  

Total bounty budget is 3% of all tokens issued during both preSale phase and next ICO.  Total coin supply is limited to 100,000,000 STE tokens. Unsold tokens are burned automatically as a provision in the Ethereum contract.

  1. STex Exchange have made a very special state-of-the art bounty program STeX Award! based on our AI core. Whenever a make a comment, post with your signature link, a video on YouTube with your link in the description, just copy the page address (url) and place this into the special form on our website along with your Ethereum wallet address. Both our artificial intelligence and manual moderation will place this URL into our database and at the end of the preSale and ICO calculate the size of the stake you earned by spreading the news about our unique project.
  2. STex Exchange also suggest that you join our STeX Up! partner program and earn 10% on every investor you recommend. You just need to fill in your Ethereum wallet for payouts a get your personal referral link.
  3. And that’s not all. Choose to get paid either in ETH or our STE tokens. All payments are done after preSale end and during ICO automatically per your request by clicking the Withdraw button on our website. This provision is made in our Ethereum contract and we can’t change it. This guarantees everybody gets paid in full.
What’s unique about our STeX Award! bounty program?
It’s automatic and fair you can spread the news where people talk about cryptocurrencies, ICO, presale and blockchain. Our algorithms will calculate the number of visitors, clicks, likes, filter out spam and distribute the 3% pool proportionally among all participants. Translation and other specific campaigns will get additional reward and are checked on manual basis. YouTube video reviews are given special priority. So, make the most of it. Warning! Don’t spam! We block spammers forever! Make all comments meaningful, add a unique spin to a post and contribute creatively.

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