[RNS] Introducing Renos – A community based altcoin

Renoscoin is a minimalistic cryptocurrency with a primary goal to build a strong internet community.
A successful coin stems from a large user base and as a result an economy begins to grow around it.
This is why Bitcoin is the most successful and why many of the multi-million dollar valued cryptocurrencies thrive today.

Ticker: RNS
Algorithm: Scrypt
Network power: POS
Block Time: 60 seconds
Stake rate: 1%
Maturity: 60 Blocks
TX Fee: 0.2 RNS


There are 33,333,333 coins created.
RENOSCOIN are aiming for an initial 1000 users in our first month. They are entitled to 30,000 RNS which will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.

To do so you must:
Have a bitcointalk account created before 1/2/2017
Download the wallet
PM me your RNS address
I will send out the coins.

If people wish to obtain more RNS, they can do so in multiples of 30,000 at a rate of 0.1 BTC. Any Bitcoin exchanged will be added to the development fund.
I am looking for a reputable escrow to hold 9% (3,000,000) for development (see below) and any bitcoin exchanged for extra RNS.
Please suggest who would be best in a post below.
The Escrow will hold the development fund until it runs out. The only way funds can be withdrawn is for community approved projects or for any of the bounties below.

There is 333,333 RNS avaliable for our promotion campaign.

Bitcointalk Signatures – 2000 RNS
2000 RNS for anyone who has a signature promoting Renos for 1 month.
Message me letting me know you are taking part on your start date and on the end date send me the address to send coins.

For a tweet (limit of 5 per person)
Twitter has potential to attract a wide audience to Renos. RNS will be distributed per tweet in the following way.
Total RNS = (Total engagements/impressions) * 3000

Screenshot your Twitter analytics and provide me a link to the tweet to receive coins.
The tweet must include the cashtag $RNS and either a link to our twitter or Bitcointalk announcment.

we are hoping to recruit 4 members of the community to become part of the core team and act as representatives for the coin.
Aside from necessary costs required for them to carry out development, each month if it is deemed by the community that good work has carried out by these members they will receive 5000 RNS from the development fund.
Ideally you should have one (or more) of these qualities but I would like to hear from anyone interested:

– Coin development
– Web development
– Good reputation in the crypto community
– Business contacts
– Promotional/Media skills
– Available for contact regularly

Community projects
If you have an idea in any area surrounding the coin and would like to work on it,
then please contact me (and the other core members once recruited) with a small pitch and we will see what we can make happen together.
The development fund is available for grants to help progress.

These are developments that I think would be a good idea to pursue for Renos.
They don’t have to happen but they are ideas I would like to explore with the community to see if we can make them happen.
I’ve also included a rough bounty guide per item, these are negotiable. If bitcoin is raised these can be used to aid bounties.

Website – 20,000 RNS + maintenance fee.
Alternative OS wallets – 15,000 RNS (Mobile wallets at a higher premium)
Brand redesign – 7500 RNS (perhaps some sort of community competition)
Code upgrades (smart contracts, anonymous features, segwit, lightning network etc.) – 50,000 RNS
Multipool (with intent to purchase RNS daily) – 50,000 RNS
Online wallet – 35,000 RNS
Investing in crypto related business ideas (with the intent to make the development fund self sustainable) – 100,000 RNS
Integration into hard wallets ie. Trezor or Ledger – 50,000 RNS
Creating the Renos Foundation at the end of year one.

Windows: https://github.com/RenosCoin/RenosCoin/releases/download/v1.0.0.0/renoscoin-qt.zip
Github: https://github.com/RenosCoin/RenosCoin/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/RenosCoin
Discord: https://discord.gg/99U4D5Y

join with renoscoin community : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1805861.0

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